How do I frame my art?

Framing is an essential part of your art collecting process. Now that you’ve chosen the print you love, make sure that it looks its best.

Your print is on high quality, archival paper, which means that it does not contain acids that can deteriorate the print over time. So you want to choose a mat and frame that are also archival.

Mats are a great way to highlight your print. They are usually made from a denser weight paper or rag board and border the print, separating it from the frame.

Choosing a neutral, white or black tone is a safe way to maintain focus on the image and enhance the composition’s colors.

Proportion is also important, so you’ll want to find a mat that is wider than the frame itself. Most mats have a width of 3-4 inches.

Once you’ve chosen your mat, you’ll want to choose a frame that fits and works well together, as well as one that is fitted with UVA protected glass to protect your print from fading in sunlight. (Though, keeping your print away from windows and direct sunlight is the most ideal way to prevent fading.)

With the vivacity of color and composition found in Dan’s work, finding a frame that allows its vibrancy to shine is essential.

These are two great options that we particularly like:

  • Classic Black Shadow Box Frame
  • Weathered Hand Crafted Frame

But we’d love to see what you create, so please send us a photo!

Enjoy your art!